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renu pillay

Drama Romance


renu pillay

Drama Romance

Rose...The Symbol of Love

Rose...The Symbol of Love

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I still have your rose

With the same feelings of fragrance,

Same feelings of love,

With same feeling of Happiness,

With the same feeling of goodness.

I still have your Rose...

Which is bombarded in my heart and in my soul..

It's just in my heart so close

Yes for me it's your rose.

Your shadow reflects in it,

Your eyes blinks in it

So may be your apart from me

Still your my close.

Hey for me it's your beautiful rose.

With full of love it's your rose.

In every petal, I see Your presence,

In every petal, I see Your fragrance,

In every petal, I search Your eyes,

Looking at the petal...

I think about you twice and thrice.

This feelings gives me pleasure,

Like I have gain a beautiful treasure,

Hey!!! my soul connector

You're my Life,

You're my happiness Creator.

Thank you for this beautiful rose,

It's a symbol of our love...

It's a symbol

We are,

We will

Be always together.

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