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We welcome you to write a short hostel story and win prizes of up to Rs 41,000. Click here!

Amrutha Alapati



Amrutha Alapati




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While aiming high

I wonder if I aim too high

Whether it is realistic to want to reach so high

And be up above and out of reach in the sky


At times it feels that yes, no dream is unrealistic

No goal too unreachable

Nothing far from my grasp

Provided I'm willing to work hard


At other times, I wonder

Whether I spread myself too thin

Whether I'm being silly

Hoping for things

That are miracles really

When I know that I'm not

Brilliant or diligent enough

That those feats I can accomplish


I wonder whether I overestimate my strengths

And gloss over my weaknesses


It is all perfect in my head

So achievable

Even when the clock is ticking away

Reality is unwilling to intrude

Tension and worry are distant emotions

Buried deep

That will resurface only when

Their dear/close friend stress makes an appearance

Now when time

Is no more a dear friend?

But a rival to be raced

To take over

And only hope to leave behind in the dust



This endeavor fails

And then come

The unwanted emotions of sadness and regret


This entire cycle is vexing

Each time new schemes are hatched to break it

And each time, the old temptations

Trap you and hold you back

Won’t let you break the cycle

Drown you in the same wells

Of lament and despair

As all the old ones did


True heroism and dedication

A sheer force of will

Will not fail you

Just hold on



Even the vulture's circle

Hoping for you to fall off

Or give in

To temptation

And to failure

Only persevere

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