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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Shashanka Bhat



Shashanka Bhat


Man-Ipulative Stereotyping

Man-Ipulative Stereotyping

2 mins

Easy to be a guy? Rethink that,

It's not just girls who get insecure with fat,

If your hair isn't nice, put on a hat,

If your face isn't, your respect falls like splat,

If you spill tears then you're weak so put them back in,

If you show your feelings, they trash it in a bin,

If you don't get good marks, you just made a great sin,

"You can't marry a rich girl, can you? Chances are thin"

And oh coming to being thin, it's apparently shame,

"Incense stick" becomes your name,

Even if you eat more than your dad, "You eat less" is the blame,

Our emotions are just a fun little game

Well what do I say, I wish you the same,

If you're nervous with females you're lame,

If you have hormonal rushes then you're wild, else you're tame,

Men were superior back then, but now improvements came,

And if you continue the same allegations, that's just overdo,

Your problems are addressed, we don't even have anyone to complain to,

But remember this, every kingdom falls, your reign will be over too,

It'll be preferred as all genders are one, over them being treated as two,

Let me mention something, but this isn't done by everyone,

"YOU'RE NOT REPRESENTING WOMEN", a complaint not new to one,

But they starting bursting in rage when I ask, "For men what have you done?"

When we tell our problems we're told to kill ourselves with a gun,

Even we have mood swings, even to us it's no fun,

We can't hide and we can't run,

We're called weak if crying we don't shun,

Tears are the ripping of a man's soul I guess, get the pun?

"#NotAllMen is invalid, throw it away",

Let me enlighten you if I may,

I feel bad when you refer specifically to all men when you complain, sorry to ruin your day,

But you can't involve the majority of innocents in the blame, you do it anyway, and "We do justice" is what you say?

We overtake a walking woman to ensure she doesn't feel followed, and feels secure,

Know how that feels? Being a man who thinks in a way that's mature?

Know how it feels to be looked at by women as a threat, even when your intentions are pure?

I'm not blaming you for feeling so but empathize with our pain if not find a cure.

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