Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Archita Loying



Archita Loying




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Maybe it's God's tears falling from the heavens when it rains

Maybe he knows you, he feels and understands all your pain.

Why is it that everything is so beauty full, yet you feel so empty?

Do you think any lock exists in this world without a key? 

What are your eyes still searching in this wide blue sky?

Why is it that everything is going fine but to you nothing feels right? 

Have you wondered, how many times do we drown, until we finally learn to swim?

Do you wonder what it takes for a woman to finally become a queen?

How many times does a bird fall to finally be able to fly?

How much does your heart have to ache, to finally be able to cry?

Don't you have tears? or have they dried?

Why is it that BITTER is the truth and SWEET are lies?

How many steps can you walk until you can't walk anymore?

How much fun you can be to them until you'll start to bore?

How many times do we already die before being really dead?

Have you wondered how many people were good before they decided to become bad?

How much can you go more, without getting tired?

Have you wondered how many truths we hide until we become liars?

Was love always this hard?

How much do we need to love, until we turn it into a war?

How many times can you fight more before giving up?

Maybe you'll realize how soft they were only when become tough. 

How much do we feel to finally stop feeling?

How much do we see, to finally wanting to stop seeing?

How much do we say until we finally decide to stop speaking?

How much do we scream until our voice and soul starts breaking?

How much real we stay until we start faking?

There are no actual perfect people without any lacking?

How much reality did you encounter until you started fantasizing?

How many times do we fail until we finally start rising?

You'll realize how much time you had only after wasting,

You know what, people had been destroyed until they forget to live, and only start existing?

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