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Shashanka Bhat



Shashanka Bhat


Won't Give In, Won't Give Up

Won't Give In, Won't Give Up

2 mins 257 2 mins 257

I know that people couldn't care less,

I've gotten into this without a fault

But again, I'm in an unfair mess,

Guess it's our friendly fate's assault,

Why can't you just let me be?

Why make me give my survival a doubt?

You can trigger me,

But you'll never figure me out,

You won't know what you did until you kill the guy inside,

The guy that lives happily in me, with a smile,

And once you've stabbed him hard and he's died,

You'll pour your tears again like a river crocodile,

I won't fall for those traps, contraptions,

Your love for me is explained not by words,

But its absence is explained by your actions,

Irrational things are done by you like surds,

I'm immature for things that I don't choose,

Choices decide maturity, and I think I see,

The immaturity in "their" choices, which left me a bruise,

They act as if they're great, with the brain size of a pea,

If you were possessed, then the ghost must be from a mental hospital,

Giving me the not-so-brittle acquittal, your brain's so little,

You couldn't see it under a microscope, now you're belittled,

And you know it, but you can't talk against me, should've thought before asking me to prove my mettle,

If showing me off was gold, you'd be a digger,

Show me a figure, of your grades, I give a snigger,

Still, you say your achievements are bigger, 

Just go put an ego killing gun to your head, pull the trigger,

You'll probably laugh at someone who's ruddy,

And call racists words like "Bloody",

Get along and listen up here, little buddy,

If you were a nerd, hypocrisy would be academic stu-dy.

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