Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Chittaranjan Nanda



Chittaranjan Nanda


My World

My World

2 mins

Winter reached,

Cold is shivering,

The year is ending,

New Year waits eagerly,

Another year in life would

Be lost.

New Year,

Human comes and goes, 

Life plays endless,

The cycle of lifetime repeats,

The same agony would


New hopes in mind,

Unknown pleasure in future,

To Witness wonderful earth.

In this Universe,

What is my world,

What are my feelings,

The true words

Cannot be found

To express 

How I mean to 

My world.

Human is mortal,

Perpetuity is not eternal,

Change is inevitable,

The essence is,

As a human how

I played my role,

As a son, brother,

Husband, father, 

Uncle, friend, or stranger.

If there is a flaw, 

Defect or Fault,

If perfect, I would 

Want to reflect,

If there is a flaw, 

Defect or Fault,

Naturally, I would not 


To me it was perfect, 

Of course, each day was

Not up to my satisfaction, 

But It is Natural,

If there would be an obsession,

No peace would be in mind.

I am to admit that

My wife came into my life, 

Everything went normal, 

With emotions, 

My world is spinning off its axis, 

All because of her,

She bestowed her love on me,  

I need to hold, 

She, I want forever, 

To be beyond old.

It is my world today, 

It is she I cannot leave.

My world is running.

My world,




Family life wonderful,

No lack attachments, 

No commitments,

Days are running,

Of course, the pattern of life

Paradigm changes,

Enjoy each day! 

The only sadness in my mind,

That Elements of earth, 

Air, water, soil each is polluting,

Making the lives miserable,

Making the lives of

Future generations hale

And void,

The only sadness in my mind,

There's an immortal evil,

Which I've seen upon the earth-

Marching of humanity

Towards darkness, 

Act of fraud,

Art of manipulation,

 to suit selfish desires! 

There is a dance of casteists,

Communal forces,

Religious terrorists,

War mongering 

Endangering peace,

Running towards bigotism,

Our humanity is gradually 

Getting buried, 

Soon, our tomorrow 

would at the stage, 

Truly be the end of our age, 

We all are foolishly sleeping, 

Sheepishly watching

Our future to be entombed

In a tomb!

These break my heart, 

Mournful completely lost 

And hopeless, 


Can't someone just stop-

Just stop this barbarism? 

Isn't there someone to just say-

Enough! Enough! Enough!?

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