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Simran Kaur



Simran Kaur


The Parrot And The Cage

The Parrot And The Cage

2 mins 434 2 mins 434

In the dark room

Curtains pulled down

Stopping the light to enter

A parrot sat in the window

In cage --

Not locked.

On one side

Was a chair

Occupied by a woman

With her screen in her hands.

Hypnotized by it --

She was rolling her fingers on the empty screen.

The iron bars of the cage got tighter

But the parrot felt no pain yet

As it did not touch him either.

The woman, sitting still

Kept peeping into the screen.

As she peeped and peeped

With eyes wide open

And head completely bent

The screen held her tighter and tighter

Barricading her escape.

The parrot noticed just then--

There was no lock upon his cage.

'All I am supposed to do is--

A little effort

And I am free', he thought.

As he tried--

It was painful

But necessary.

With his fullest effort

He pushed open the gate

And was set free.

The woman tried to wake up

But found herself helpless.

Peeping into the screen was interesting

Yet discomforting.

As the parrot moved the curtain

A little sunlight escaped from a corner

Disturbing the screen viewer.

In a happy state

He flew away into the high sky. 

Disturbed, she woke up

To return into the dark again

And let her screen fall off her hands.

Before she could pull the curtains down

Some bright light entered her eyes 

Showing her the view of deep blue sky

It was beautiful

And relieving.

In no time

She let the sun come in

And light her room.

The light from the sun was brighter than her screen.

The parrot was flying high in the sky.

The cage could imprison him no longer.

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