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Abhishek Singh



Abhishek Singh


That Tomorrow

That Tomorrow

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Those sleepless nights I still do remember

It felt you took something from me.

You broke my feathers one by one 

Left me crying on the floor

I am still scared if someone locks the door.

Any touch shivers me now

I feel like you are behind me with that satanic smile.

Instead of giving me morals and values

You gave me only pain and grief.

I am like a used toy 

Who was being repeatedly felt for your own joy?

Instead of teaching me sonnets and poems of Shakespeare and Blake 

You killed all the aspirations I had.

I am not afraid of the darkness in the room anymore 

I have cried so much that my tears have dried up.

I wish I could tell my friends

I wish they could understand

But they were none who did.

I gather courage every second to tell my parents tomorrow

And I pray tomorrow comes soon.

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