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Aadya Shanker



Aadya Shanker


Dear Letters

Dear Letters

2 mins 366 2 mins 366

Dear letters,

You contain within yourself, a piece of mine

Better than friends, you comforted me through that time

All secrets I poured into you

For I know, you will not lend them to ears that are not faithful to mine

Some of you fulfilled their purpose

Reached the home, destined

Some of you still lie in my closet

With your hearts heavy with the agony

I unloaded in you 

The box, your home, is now overflowing

As I continue to become frailer

Lacking the courage to tell people, the feelings that keep me awake at night

Its surface is masked in dirt

As is your body with unfathomable sensations

You still do not grumble about the discomforts

I made you a home of

Perhaps, you feel the pain I whispered to you

Thus wish not to hurt me more

Some of you have your body engraved 

So harshly done

That it is imprinted on the other side

The anguish that rushed into me while writing on you

All slowly turned to anger

Thus hurting you forever, unlike the bonds I wished to last

My heart apologizes to you

Some of you have rivers of ink onto you

Must have been caused by the drop in exertion

That was the abode of my eyes

While I wrote that letter of mine

I wish I could present that drop of water

To express its repentance 

But that well of mine is now all dried

I hope you understand, as you did then

Those letters, who still lay incomplete

With the truthfulness of all my heart, I tell you.

My core penitently expresses for you

The most 

For I deprived you of the purpose of your life

I gave you a body

But forgot to breathe you to life

Your mind for endless hours persists to think

But your heart fails to beat

So your thoughts have reason incomplete with emotion

I promise, one day

When I shall be brave enough

I will write and narrate to you the ending

The name on the cover may not

But you, 

My dear letters,

Deserve the truth, for you stayed by my side

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