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Amrita Mallik



Amrita Mallik




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Do you think you will get away with your crime?

Yes, a grave crime it is, much more than physical attacks,

Do you believe your smiling faces can hoodwink Karma?

Appearing in polished suits, and faking class and culture,

You assume to escape your punishment for your misdeeds,

Under the cloak of discipline and right guidance,

You have endlessly tortured me, hurling abuses and mockery,

But know this fact, as long as I live, I will trust and hope,

In the Divine Intervention taming your venomous fangs,

You sneer mercilessly at me, boasting of no scarred body,

And, hence, no law can catch you of any injustice,

Though you find my behaviour and action weird,

Yet, you won’t digest that it’s the product of your harassment,

But that doesn’t make my argument baseless and false,

The deep wounds inside me, only He can see,

And, that is sufficient for me, for He is working,

And, you won’t be spared that day, when He will hold the rod,

There’s still time, as long as I give you enough chances,

Realise and rectify your mistakes, and repent sincerely,

You never know when tables will turn,

And, no amount of your crocodile tears and sweet talk,

Can melt my heart as well as my Saviour’s,

On that day, while I will not listen to your incessant pleas,

You will regret and suffer, wishing for a rewind,

And, maybe to alter yourselves then or kill me,

Alas! Time will slip from your hands, and you will fret!

And, so I beseech you to pay heed to my words,

For, the sun will be out soon, and disperse the obscurity,

Leaving you naked with your umpteen sins, head held low.

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