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Amrita Mallik



Amrita Mallik


A Nonpareil Noble Soul

A Nonpareil Noble Soul

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You have forever been a noble soul, nonpareil,

And, as God’s one trustworthy soldier,

You have left us too soon, and the mortal world,

For heavens, leaving us in an inexplicable vacuum,

Yes, we are still battling with grief and your emptiness,

But, such a compassionate and generous human being like you,

Has left behind enough memories as crutches for us to live on,

Your fragrance still lingers on like your words reverberating,

Every nook and corner of your house still speaks of you,

Despite your excruciating pain, you have been full of positivity,

Ever smiling and your strong willpower has always been a polestar,

You are more than an angel, guiding and loving us still,

During this winter chill, it’s your fervent spirit, keeping us warm,

A friend and mother figure, to everyone around you,

From the little children who have blossomed in your presence,

To the elderly who have been stirred by your gentleness,

And, in-between, those who stand, also hail you for your magnanimity,

You have been an epitome of simplicity wrapped in elegance,

A beauty, not defined by the set standards, but unique and agleam,

Our skies have turned grey, sometimes black and white,

There’s not a rainbow of promises to be seen,

But the heaven’s sky has become perennially blue,

For you are there, generating eternal hope and confidence,

And, in our murkiness, you are the still shining light,

Waking us every day, inspiring, and comforting in myriad ways,

We should have been kinder and more understanding towards you,

We should have been patient with you, noticing your agonies,

But we have been selfish, scurrying in the rat-race,

Now that you are gone, we can realise our errors,

But we can promise you to accept wabi-sabi,

And, try to release this vacuum from within.

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