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Priya Singh



Priya Singh


Never let go

Never let go

2 mins

Don't let my hands go,

grab'em tightly.

Feel my heartbeat; 

the throbe of fear, anxiety, anger and    tears all summed up in it.

The frustartion of why it always happens with me?

Why am I an easy target for everybody?

Why I let myself be fooled again and again in the crowd?

These built up emotions; why am I not able to let 'em out?

Hold me tightly,S

So I can yell them all out.

Let me lean on you,

Let me borrow your shoulder for a while.

Yes I am weak;

I can't fight this battle alone.

At times I have yelled,  

I want to be left alone;

Wore the facade of strong; 

said I could fight my fears alone.

I was afraid, it would hurt you too.

Feared you will leave me just like the others did.

So baby please don't take your hands away,

grab my hands.

Interlock the fingers togather; untill I feel the warmth of love and the blanket of comfort over me.

Just..Don't let my hands go,

Grab'em tightly.

Cover me up, lock me inside your arms.

Hold me tightly. 

The fear I live with,

The fear I breath in; is destroying me from inside.

I am body without a soul; feels like everyone hates me. 

So, let me feel your love; 

grab my hands tightly,

 Don't let 'em go.

The defination of love for me till now, was Pain;

And so I misunderstood your love too.

Thought it was a weapon to deepen my scar more.

I fail to notice that your love was an armour; a band aid to heal my scars instead.

So, baby let me lean on you tonight.

Let me cry out loudly.

Lend me your shoulders tonight,

Envelop me in your warm embrace.

Just....hold my hands tightly,

Never let go..

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