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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Shukr Usgaokar



Shukr Usgaokar


Thank you, my Lord!

Thank you, my Lord!

2 mins

He chose to give up a flourishing practice,

On being elevated to the Bench from the Bar,

But the even-handed justice which he dispenses,

Has earned him respect from near and far.

He might not have been able to socialize,

With his friends and family, not have the same kind of fun,

But it was a small price to be paid,

To ensure that justice is seen to be done.

He would have to leave his hearth and home,

Many a time on account of his work,

But his loyalty was always to the institution,

From his duty, he would never shirk.

Sitting for hours in the courtroom,

Listening to counsel go on and on,

Working even after returning to his chamber,

Waking up to read briefs at the wee hours of dawn.

As is bound to happen with all who are human,

His staff and lawyers would sometimes err,

But he would politely correct their mistakes,

Never raising his voice or losing his temper.

Always remembering the old saying,

That great responsibility comes with great power,

Never misusing his position or office,

Protecting the oppressed from the oppressor.

Unfailingly courteous and respectful to a fault,

To his subordinates and brethren,

Rich or poor, it did not matter,

If your rights were infringed, his doors were open.

Without wearing his learning on his sleeve,

To settle our disputes, he invested several years,

Immensely readable judgments by which meted out,

Justice, without affection or ill-will, fear or favour.

Working relentlessly to safeguard,

The rights and liberties of the people,

Achieving in a lifetime what most could only dream of,

Yet, remaining ever so humble.

Thus, I write to express my gratitude,

This poem as a form of thanksgiving,

To a jurist, a scholar, a brilliant mind,

A great judge, a great lawyer, a great human being.

For our sake you devoted years of your life,

Without any expectation of returns or reward,

A debt which will remain forever unpaid,

The least I can say is, “Thank you, my lord”.

“To go to a judge is to go to justice, for the ideal judge is so to speak justice personified” — Aristotle

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