Divya Raghunathan

Drama Romance


Divya Raghunathan

Drama Romance

Jasmine In The Courtyard

Jasmine In The Courtyard

2 mins 194 2 mins 194

Sunlight bends forth, soft yet absolute,

And wakes her roots, up with a kiss.

Water and air flow through her vessels,

Their love and care, through the years, undiminished.

A child’s unperturbed sleep of six months,

Has at this dawn seen its finish…!

Her starry florets one by one,

Gently arise,

As she opens her eyes.

Not a tiny tot anymore,

The world is anew.

And her hopes are bright.

A sudden gush of wind,

Mischievously, rustles her petalled frock…

Tingling in this new-found sensation,

The jasmine blushes deep,

Throwing all minds around her, in a lustful havoc…!

Thunderous laughter now echoed,

Across the vast skies,

Scared at first, by the deafening boom,

And the swordsmanship of the lightning,

The delicate flower shuddered, still put up a diligent fight…

Pacified, gradually, into her serene bloom…

Drip… Drop… Drip… Drop…

Descended did they from the heavens!

Splashing and bathing her from top to toe.

Sometimes like pearls & some in torrents,

Orchestrating with the icy breeze to and fro!

All of her once concealed dreams and desires,

Like a brimming chalice, stood out unraveled-

In the nectar, that she now bore on her lips…

Her lovely eyes, quixotic,

Her tender heart, on raging fire.

As she shakes herself up,

Driving to her usual poise…

The aura is endowed with her paradisiacal fragrance!

At the zenith of peace,

She commences her penance…

To attain the abode of her king,

Her pivotal choice!

The rightful lord of her love,

To whom she vows eternally.

In his gallant arms, she yearns to be crushed…

In his fervid passion, she craves to be ravished…

Only he could have,

All of her love & care for himself…

Only he could get drunk,

Befuddled by her delectable honey…

Her chapters to come, sealed, in his name…

From nubile youth to withered senescence,

Her tendrils entwined in his secure mount…

Withstanding the tides of time, she waits…

Courageously enduring torments & turmoil, she waits……..

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