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Rajashree Bhagwat

Classics Drama


Rajashree Bhagwat

Classics Drama



2 mins

As he turned one, he learnt to stand up, holding;

Turning two, he spoke in grunts;

By the time he was three he was hyperactive,

At the age of four, he seemed to be restless;

Something amiss!

Five was he when I noticed,

He could not wait for his turn at play,

He always ran and never walked,

He blabbered,

Something amiss!

At Six, he couldn’t focus;

His tiny fingers could not grip the pencil,

He neither knew to read nor add or subtract,

At seven, he was an odd child out in the class;

Something amiss!

Complaints poured in, from school and from his playmates;

From parents and from teachers,

‘Refer him to a psychologist,’ the headmistress had said;

The seductive made him clumsy,

Something amiss!

ADHD, ADD, and other disorders google suggested;

Visit to the second and the third psychologists followed,

But nothing helped, my child, continued to suffer;

The abuses, rejections, and insults for years;

Something big amiss!

At fifteen, one last time I felt the urge to try;

Below average his IQ report mentioned,

‘He cannot take up the normal academic curriculum,

There are special coaching classes for such kids,’ the psychologist said.

And I believed!

One hour of my occasional math tutoring was fun to him,

But my energy drained, emotionally and physically;

Handling the teen rebel became impossible,

A boarding school was decided overnight,

That was that!

The two years of his stay at boarding school,

Returned me a smart, young, rising star;

IQ report, psychologists’ recommendations;

The logic all proved to be wrong,

And my fervent prayers answered.

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