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Prashansa Chandekar

Abstract Classics

Seasons - The Metamorphosis

Seasons - The Metamorphosis

2 mins 733 2 mins 733

The scorching rays pierce the earth to the core,

Sweat anoints the man from his head to his toe,

The traveler’s soul yearns for the touch of a drop of water,

The farmer tills the field but his back is ploughed all over.

Children trade their energy with the sun as they return,

They are helpless like the lamb to be slain and be eaten,

The fishermen throw their nets but get trapped in the fiery rays,

The earth is in awe of the Golden God and for the clouds it prays.

Its prayers are answered and the rains arrive,

Like a cruel master, to whip the slave they connive,

The thundering lights shake the hearts of the mighty,

Not a creature is spared by its pangs so haughty.

The heavens open their treasures of water,

But the earth has no pots and pans to contain this favor,

The trees and homes lie wasted and abandoned,

When the rains strike there’s mayhem and destruction.

The earth prays for peace from the showers,

It receives a blessing, but in disguise the misery hovers,

The leaves wither and they leave their clan,

Their lives are diminished to but dust and sand.

The earth turns gloomy and mourns the strife,

It has colors so many; but not an iota of life,

The fall makes it weep for reasons untold,

It yearns for its being and for life to unfold.

The cold winds start blowing leaving a pain in the heart,

The darkest of darkness begins to recite its part,

The whiteness of the heavens begins to alight,

Every creature runs to hide from the winter’s sight.

The wood is quenched in keeping the house warm,

No man dares to venture out and cause his life harm,

The children look out the windows at the empty swing,

The fire place is their only mate and to the flames they cling.

The earth has its own story of nature’s treason,

But the heart reveres no time and heeds no season,

It metamorphosed through all of this in a day,

That was the day when you went away.

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