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Prashansa Chandekar



Prashansa Chandekar


The Quotidian Battle

The Quotidian Battle

2 mins

There’s a mighty rush of sundry thoughts and emotions and dreams and desires 

Held with bits and bridles inside me - like waters swelling up - like beginnings of forest fires 

Makes me wonder how the oceans know their bounds and never cross their lines

What intelligence our Maker bestows even upon nature’s elements that have no minds!

The ant does its gathering and storing before the times of adversity strike

In that minuscule body of it’s, how does such wisdom reside? 

Oh! And when a life is beginning in the uttermost depths of the womb, it is but one cell

What brilliance transpires there to form organs and features and a beating heart as well

Staring into the celestial majesty of the night sky I feel close to the Moon I’ve always known

I’m overwhelmed by the eons it has already seen and what it’ll see in the future unknown

What beauty also inhabits the human mind - what precision and discipline and determination

What leaps we’ve taken through the ages and the heights we’ve scaled are unimaginable

And after all of that when I put my own waking hours under the microscope of scrutinizing

There’s but little that I can make an account of that could amount to something, anything

A day when being lived with its plain, colorless and rather odd chores sure looks minuscule

On this vast canvas with eons that are etched in, it looks unnecessary and worthy of ridicule

Maybe, when put together these quotidian lives might mount up to something of significance

And maybe when I see that, my battle will end and I’ll get to see destiny’s magnificence

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