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Pushpanjali A B

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The Midas Touch

The Midas Touch

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Doctor, Can you heal or can you cure?

There isn't any treatment, are you sure?

Google search doesn't give a definitive result,

Question is which of the formulas to apply first?

Patient's query and complaint lists never stop,

Jumping from one doc to other like a shop!

Old significant history they always conceal,

Diabetic and hypertensive status they never reveal!

Are they checking how much we are skilled,

Or rather the amount they're gonna be billed?

But we aren't Gods they now know for sure,

'Cause we too accept many times there is no cure!

Technological advances are marching quite afar,

Medicine and newer drugs are up to their par!

But still we are helpless when there's a stage,

When disease is genetic or related to age!

We can only assure or symptomatically treat,

These are the things which we're gonna repeat.

After numerous injections or drugs to eat,

The serpent of illness never accepts defeat.

We don't work only for monetary gains,

For saving lives we take numerous pains!

We are alert with monitor's every beep,

Sacrificing family time and serene sleep!

Second opinions are many a time sought,

'Cause an illness may take a turn unthought!

But we try to apply all knowledge we learned,

Through years of experience and wisdom earned!

Happiness of healing gives us such pleasure,

Which materialistic riches can't even measure!

But due to our limitations we sometimes fail,

With all our efforts if unable to cure the ail!

We empathize, we mourn, we feel the pain;

Do you think, your loss can be our gain?

We too want those happy faces and smiles,

For which you came to us travelling miles!

Wish we too had some magical wands,

Because success is not always in our hands.

So trust us, follow advise and try to understand,

Reason the therapy or process but never demand!

Let's fight those fights once more together,

With our healing touch you'll feel better;

We as surgeons and physicians strive a lot,

So keep full faith in us 'cause that's all we've got!

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