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Pushpanjali A B



Pushpanjali A B


Happy Holi

Happy Holi

1 min

Rainbow like colors, spreading signals of joy,

Drenched in colorful waters running ahoy,

People uniformly colored, differences none,

Dark, brown, fair all shades, seem like one.

People forget worries, unite, shed all inhibitions;

Friends and foes enjoy together the celebrations.

Sweets, music, laughter sans all melancholy,

Who doesn't love this unique festival of Holi.

But this awaited tradition of colours and fun,

Can sometimes take an unprecedented turn,

Accidents, fractures, injuries, cuts and falls,

Panicky faces and hurried ambulance calls.

We want this shouldn't happen in any case,

So take precautionary measures at your place,

From chemical colors turn to floral herbal hues,

Avoid toxic chemicals or dyes to avoid the blues.

Flying missiles, cow dung, tar, mud and grease,

Dangerous things, avoid these weapons please,

Use sunscreen lotion, mustard or coconut oils,

Cover body fully and goggles to protect the eyes.

Get wet but don't stay in damp clothes for long,

Stay hydrated while singing and dancing along,

Relish the ghujiyas, delicious sweets and snacks,

Have a happy, safe holi by following these hacks!

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