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Pushpanjali A B



Pushpanjali A B


Unheard Or Unseen?

Unheard Or Unseen?

2 mins

I always thought that love is expressed by those three golden words,

Maybe we always believed in the fairy tales & stories of bees and birds!

But oh life as you know keeps us firmly on the ground,

And how we keep searching for things which are abound!

Sometimes we don't acknowledge our blessings closeby,

The sound of some unspoken words are never heard donno why!

And in this hustle n bustle we continue our life's dance,

The materialistic wordly snake kills the fragrance of our romance!

But I found that I'm losing foresight in this busy run,

And ignoring the fact of being loved in ways more than one!

How did I marry a man who could never openly express?

But I knew his idea of making me feel loved nevertheless!

Isn't it love when he wakes me up with a simple good morning kiss...

Even though I'm awake I pretend to be asleep for that moment of bliss!

Whole day in my household chores I keep getting helped,

These simple things make me feel so lucky and privileged!

There's always an afternoon call whether I've had my meal,

It makes me forget my stress at work and gives a new zeal!

Sometimes we go for evening walks or a foodietrail,

It breaks the monotony and takes us away from the wordly ail!

Isn't it sweet that all large morsels & every last bite is mine,

As he ensures this knowingly whenever we lunch together or dine!

So who needs gifts, jewellery, presents and costly attire,

Isn't being his man's only love every lady's secret desire!

I wish this fairy tale of unseen love never ends,

So I've shunned my foolish thoughts and made some serious amends!

This silent affair is part of my life, blended in a lovely way,

My eyes have learnt the art of listening what your eyes say!

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