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Bismita Acharya

Romance Others


Bismita Acharya

Romance Others

That Day

That Day

3 mins

That day was really indelible day.

She was in white sari, sitting under a tree.

Seemed like a melancholy soul under dawning light.

Checking each page of notebook as a strict checker,

But a slight generous smile could be seen on other side.

Suddenly the generosity changed into bewilderment

And she gazed towards me.

I understood the situation is unavoidable

As the notebook she is checking belongs to me.

I didn’t knew what she has scanned

In that puzzled up words.

But it’s sure she has found

A skeleton inside the cupboard.

Waving her hand she called me

Called me to sit next to her.

Staring perplex towards the notebook

And then to me.

Her expressions were more complex than

It meant to be.

For 10 minutes she kept quiet.

The only sound we heard were

The slangs of boys playing cricket with football.

Then after aeon…

She gave me a notebook and said

Read it!!

The unsaid stories were captured

In the mess of puzzled up words of that notebook…

Screaming up their stories.

I turned up to her and found her eyes...

Her vexed eyes were gazed towards me

Saying me…

Speak up!!!

Open up damned!!!

Stop! Stop suffering alone.

Stop hiding behind doors.

Don’t say “You want to make it on your own”

Because you not need to.

Stop! Stop being so secret

As its making suffocating for your well-wishers

Stop leaving them behind

Because it is making them blind.

For not sake of others, but for you

I ask for the truth. ……..

The devastating urge to purge was as high as anything.

But I didn’t …

I wanted to describe her my every action now.

But I didn’t …

Her sharpened eye’s urge to open up

Slayed every word of my throat

But on other side the mind said


Turning to her

I gave an apologetic smile

And said “It’s nothing teacher.

Just a mess of my mind.

There’s everything is fine.

My words seemed as has blown Ned up her silence.

She instantly held her hand on my shoulder.

And said Speak up! What’s it!!!

I don’t want your lame excuse.

All that I want is truth.

And that was the end of my deathless silence.

Her warm touched opened me up as a fizzed up bottle.

Bringing out every secret inside me.

The current run over my veins through blood


This is the day! This is the time!

And I opened up…

I opened up

Explaining my every action and reactions.

I opened up

Till I reached the peak of satisfaction.

Clearing every word, every letter

That were hiding behind

Messed up words jotted down on notebook.

Revealing every dark unseen story

Hidden behind the idiotic drawings

Made at backside of notebook.

Breaking the chains of societal family protocol

I opened up

Speaking out everything that was deep-rooted

Not because I was overburdened with it.

But because I trusted her and will be trusting forever.

Trusting her was not my minds game

But she had earned it.

She was the one

Who sat finding the answers to that puzzled up words of notebook?

She was the one

Who tried to read that all idiotic drawings behind notebook.

She was the one

Who sat beside me and gave the comfort of being not alone.

She was the one

Who explained that burdens in heart are not meant to be borne?

She was the person I could trust

That she will keep all my secrets deep inside her.

She was none other than

One of my teacher.

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