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We welcome you to write a short hostel story and win prizes of up to Rs 41,000. Click here!

Divya Senapati



Divya Senapati


Forbidden Prize

Forbidden Prize

2 mins 361 2 mins 361

Sitting on the coffee shop across me, 

She stared at her phone with blush cheeks. 

 She looked at me through the corner of her eyes 

And instantly caught my admiring gaze. 

"You look pretty" I smiled as she blushed again.

"You're beautiful " she winked at me with a mischievous grin. 

She is pretty, beautiful, and smart, 

How can you not end up giving her your heart? 

She is the sunshine while I'm the pale moon

Giving all her radiance to rewrite my social doom. 

She was the flames while I was her coal 

I kept her ablaze and she filled me whole 

Her golden sleek straight braids fell till her waist

It complimented my deadlock curls without haste.

I tucked her hair behind her ear "About this are you sure?"

" I had never fallen in love so deep before. Only if I knew earlier my best friend was the one, whom I was meant for. "

I did see resolutions in her eyes, 

Resolutions that screamed she would shield me and fight. 

Resolutions that could chase away my fears,

Resolutions with which she would hold me her dear.

"I accept you for you, I accept us as a whole

I'm ready for the leap of faith, are you ready for my soul? "

I smiled at her, holding back her hand, my fingers placed on hers 

She slipped in the ring, our shaped symbol of love. 

Our love was pure, humane, considerate, it was beyond measures 

It was never confined to social stigmas and contrary genders 

We wished together for a forever and a day more,

A forever where acceptance, respect, and love overshadowed distaste and fear. 

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