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Paridhi Asija



Paridhi Asija


An Ode In His Memory

An Ode In His Memory

2 mins 229 2 mins 229

I was sitting on the silver seat

When the call came

"You don't know?" , They ask

Without missing a beat.

Puzzled and anxious, I deny as I stand up

The news in my ears, they uttered.

Nausea sweeping over me

My insides fluttered.

It hit me like a thunderstorm

Like the chilly wind slapping your face

You lose your balance and footing

But don't know where it came from.

Shocked and disturbed

Unsure of what to do

I looked around me

In the world unperturbed.

But the ground shifted beneath my feet

For a moment, my world stood still.

There was a whirlwind of emotions inside me

But outside I showed nil.

It felt as of I'm in a snow globe

Or maybe in a recorded movie

Wherein my world was at a pause

But nothing had changed across.

It felt wrong to see the others

Going on as normal

Grinning and laughing as always

Why were they unbothered?

It felt like I was glass

And someone had thrown a stone at me

It broke me at first

And then the pieces shattered alas

It is right what they say

That you care about a person when they

Are no more there

It is then that you care.

If only I could

Meet him one last time; I would

Say the things left unsaid

And not the senseless banter instead.

I don't know the reason why

You deemed necessary this maneuver

And left a mass of people to cry

As your memories they turnover.

All I know is that it takes

A lot of courage to do something like this,

If only I could shake you awake

And pull you out of whatever was amiss.

I miss you profoundly

You will remain etched in my memory

We have had some great times together

And those I'll cherish forever.

You will always have a place in my heart

How I wish we never grew apart

But I will always love you

And with tears in my eyes but a smile on my lips,

I bid you adieu...

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