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Motivation For Tomorrow

Motivation For Tomorrow

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It can be the warm sun touching

And caressing my face as I open the curtains every morning.

It could be the faint chirping of the birds

That wakes me up to start my day afterwards.

Or maybe the crisp air that greets

As I step out of the house all ready.

Or the hustle-bustle of the crowds around

As I slowly step into them and let them surround.

It could be the faces which

Break into smiles and grins rich

Upon seeing me every day

As I walk up to them with my mood gay.

Or something I am passionate about

Doing which makes me feel peace and devout.

Or maybe that solitary place only I know about.

Where I sit all day in times of despair and doubt.

We need to take such little things

As A motivation for tomorrow

As what happens next

One can never know

There are so many things to look forward to

So many things and places to see

No reason why you can't go through

There's always a solution, I guarantee.

The world is a dynamic place

Time passes and things change.

Everything you see today will soon be someplace else.

Everything that seems wrong now will be rearranged.

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