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Arivazhagan Subbarayan



Arivazhagan Subbarayan


The Angel In My Life

The Angel In My Life

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To the angel in my life...!

Hearts fuse but never so swift,

You are, to me, an amazing gift!

Your words are always lovable, 

You make my life more liveable!

Even your teensy glance made me bumble,

You brought order in my life which was a huge jumble!

The manner you walked, wow, the grace you brought!

Without you, I would just be a huge naught!

Hours rolled on, days flew,

And we knew that our bond grew!

Of all the thoughts occupying my brain,

You were the captain in all,

I'm very much certain!

When we started accepting each other,

Life became wonderful and smoother!

Like, people often said, happiness is not a myth,

Its zenith is hidden in the love which exudes faith!

Devastating pain, a deluge of misfortune, I never mind,

When you were gracefully beside me and behind!

Your smiles and cuddles mesmerized me always,

You created me once again and guiding me in all ways!

Just thanks is not enough to appreciate your love,

It is prudent to say, each and every day my heart throve!

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