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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

True Love

True Love

2 mins 207 2 mins 207

I wonder if you know that I and you are like cold coffee on a rainy day,

Dripping the vapours through the window

And looking at the sunset,

What if we were a masala chai in hot summers?

Holding an umbrella to hide sun beams and enjoying the sunrise,

Albeit, It's not just too much for our date on a drive of no destination and landing on clouds,

My couch whispered in the tone of your voice because may be you forgot when you sat, it recorded every word you said to me, It keeps rewinding inside my mind during the hard questions of life's exam and an instant classic aroma of mirth writes all the answers, Do you know the shop adjacent to my old stories where you found my page torn and brown written with black ink,

I kept it in my purse and it is turning colourful, I swear we can have a lots of noodles soup at the highways because you made me learn how to hold the stick, It is not important to visit the lane where photographers are clicking pictures of new couples, we can wear a mask to move on.Whatever the battle is, I can give you my last square of Cadbury if you promise to open the wrapper because I can't do that, I can't do many things and I want you to be with me when this world tells me I am so wasted that recycling me is itself a waste,

I want you to bring back the trees that I grew in my garden but due to Strom they broke outside, I want you to garnish my every dish with your measurement of spices because I forgot to put taste in it, I forget many things to fill the water inside my glass and had my throat in drought late nights, I forget to clean the dust on the frame of memories and to make new which will never fade it's shade even when I put off the lights, for I do put off when I am not sure to get the perfect scintillation and can't light me up under black clouds, I do put off words when I do not get a Mike to reciprocate and I sang on this mike of no speaker for I found peace in silence, I found you in my most silent sleeps when reality didn't touch me and dreams covered me with warmth and comfort, I found an empty space in my cupboard waiting for you to appear as a rose in this virtual hope of love. 

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