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Bismita Acharya

Drama Tragedy Others


Bismita Acharya

Drama Tragedy Others



2 mins 222 2 mins 222

Browsing through whatsapp in the loads of messages

A message popped from a know unknown person of my contact.

One who cannot take back What he gives to other.

One who always blocks after his each message he sends.

It was a curse message from him

A message with curse that defines the present situation of mine

A message showing me the unbearable harsh reality that no one wants to face even

The message with a curse

Digging my personal life and praying for my end.

The message unexpected and that was not deserved by someone.

The message was pinning me within tearing me with every moving seconds.

The message that chilled up my spine and the feeling intolerance

Mixed up with anger frustration and compliant of *Why Me??*

Things were getting complicated every seconds.

A sensation of flame within me was burning internally bit by bit.

And gradually making me lose my mental capacity.

To stop this sensation I tried to find anything that could help.

Running all over!!!

In middle of a search found 2 white bottles behind the door and the mind said this is the thing what is needed.

Within a second the bottles were empty the and tingling was spread all over the veins through white water inside forcing red fluid out all over.

With losing consciousness I could feel the flames burning within me getting cold, colder and much colder only a tingle was running all over till the mind blew.

Blurry image of red fluid spread all over it ended with loosing control of huge body that slammed to floor spilled with red fluid till the blurry image got dark..... darker and

Finally the peace.

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