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Vikas Sharma Daksh



Vikas Sharma Daksh


Autopsy Of Love

Autopsy Of Love

2 mins

Ah, love……..

Love that caused countries to go to war

People to commit suicide and murders

Kings to abdicate their throne

Yogis to give up years of penance

A society obsessed with love….

Is it bad? 

Are dangers involved? 

Is it taken too far? 

No idea

Like the people

Who think and have the idea

That they are going to meet someone

That's going to fix everything

That's wrong with their life

Expecting a lot of somebody else

Setting themselves up for disappointment.

Still who'll want to live in a culture

That doesn't place any value on love

Love is really important


Love is really exciting.

True love

Is it ideal? 

Probably no.

If deceitful, 

Then love isn't ideal

In some sense; 

It could be stronger, 

It could be more devoted, 

But not always true

We are Human beings

And our desires are complicated.

We could become less desirable

Without becoming less lovable

We tend to get more lovable

As we get older

Is that the deepening of the relationship? 

Our desires begin to fade to bring love to fore? 

We're so anxious about that desirability

We equate that with love.

It's an important part of being loved, 

But certainly not everything

Love makes us feel good, 

And Love makes us happy.

Love also makes us feel really bad

And miserable, too...

In our daily life

We meet people all the time, 

And we live in crowds, 

But have no connection

With any of these people

Love is a very direct intimate contact

With somebody special in this crowd

And really know who that one person is

And open your heart to this person

That One Person Is Love

And it's very valuable. 

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