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Journey Of Life

Journey Of Life

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How many years since I was born how many more to come?

How much more to do in this life how much already done?

How much distance already travelled

How many miles more to go?

How much accomplished and what more to quench my ego?

Mindlessly I keep on burning with unfathomable desires,

Tirelessly and aimlessly, I work hard to douse these fires, 

My eyes won’t stop looking and my ears won’t cease hearing,

Neither my tongue will stop talking nor my mind cease thinking,

My thirst will never be quenched nor my hunger ever satiated,

My greed, my lust and my anger will always keep me agitated, 

So how do I douse the flames of desires and set myself free,

This is no eternal quest and only futile wanderlust I foresee, 

There is no end to material wants and earthly comforts, I apprehend.

Only way is to eliminate my wants and limit my needs, I comprehend.

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