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Look Inside Me

Look Inside Me

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 The waters are rough in the sea of my mind

On the surface of it I am calm, the solemn kind 

At times, deep inside waters are still and calmly

While I am riding high on waves of ecstasy 

Why does my outer being defy the inner? 

Why I am not inside what actually I appear?

Oh! How could I contradict myself? 

 And be not me my truer self 

When I am disturbed inside, problems I foresee

Worries of unknown and uncertain future clinging me 

Fears break the shell covering me, 

Exposing the weak and meek me

When the inside of me is free of turmoil like a child do I play 

Worrying not what tomorrow may bring, nothing stops my way 

So does the calmness inside embalms me 

Bringing to fore the happy and carefree me 

Calm inside rough outside, troubled inner somber outer I carry 

Do not mistake me from my outer self, look inside on the contrary

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