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From early mornings to late nights

Moments of uncontrolled laughter and trivial fights

She asks and makes me ponder

Do I Really Love Her?


I think deep to seek an answer

Know not if it is Love or something other

All I know is talking to her gives me joy

And in my heart I feel her cute and coy


Happy I am in her presence

Her thoughts remind me of her absence

Talking to her my heart pours

Thinking of her it soars


She is in my dreams when I sleep

And in my every awake thought she creep

A mere ‘Good morning’ or ‘Good Night’ she utter

Is enough to warm my heart and causes a flutter


Rushing on everything just to be with her

As if there is nothing else important but her

Time flies when together

Apart and as if it moves never


I know not what love is meant to be

But this is what I feel since with thee

Superficial or is it there really

No Idea but can I do it eternally?

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