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I Remember You

I Remember You

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Rains remind me of you.

I am imprisoned by your memories,

They are wrapped around me like ropes.

My eyes have more tears

Than the spell of rains has raindrops.

But, for one reason, I love rain.

I can gleefully hide my tears in it.

At times, tears give way to a sudden grin,

Whenever I picture you in the rain.

It helps me forget my pain.

I remember your smile.

It was prettier than

The word pretty could describe.

You used to wear a cherubic look.

No doubt, you were an innocent crook.

Even the starless sky

Used to shine and sparkle,

When you were around me.

Now there are dark clouds and night gloom,

Despite a number of stars and a bright moon.

Life could not take you away.

You keep intruding my dreams.

You still shine like a divine spirit.

I hold my tears back,

I don't want to spoil it a bit.

I can't forget our first kiss.

It provides a souvenir of our great love.

My cravings for you are still the same.

You could ask my veins,

The blood still flows in your name.

The gospel truth is....

You would never return.

I can bargain all my wealth,

Or beseech your God for help,

Or I can weep incessantly till my death.

I couldn't survive only by

Harking back to your memories.

I can't longer hold on to this hack.

The threshold will breach soon,

And I wouldn't be able to fight back.

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