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Prashant Bhushan Tyagi

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Prashant Bhushan Tyagi

Abstract Drama Others

As a Writer

As a Writer

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As a writer, I write what I believe in.

I also write what I do not believe in.

Often I forgo my identity when I write.

I write what amuses me.

As a writer, everything amuses me.

I write serious, I write weird.

Sometimes, I even write foolish.

Maybe I’m stupid, but

I’m a writer. As a writer,

I take pride in my stupidity.

I laugh at me.

I write sardonic jokes

in matters of life and death.

As a writer, I have no qualms.

I write because you read.

Before you, I write for myself.

Because it is recreational.

As a writer, I entertain myself,

Before I write for other reasons.

I write pain with exuberance,

entertainment with tears.

As a writer, I’m timid too,

afraid to recall the

bogeys of my past.

Sometimes I do, and

it freaks me out.

As a writer, I meet my lover

on the forlorn pages,

with every word like

a blissful memory of her.

As a writer, I fight with myself.

I write to rescue me

from the unwanted existence.

As a writer, I’m unaware

of the destiny of my words.

The battle will be fought

between poetry and the insane.

As a writer, I’m not bound to earth,

or to the perennial sky.

I go beyond the horizon

and write revolution in the universe.

As a human, I’m fearless.

As a subject, I’m afraid.

As a writer, I’m rebel.

I write bitter, I write sweet.

I’m hated, I’m loved.

I’m abused, I’m praised.

As a writer,

I give no f*cks.

I know you know,

the poetry is immortal,

the words won’t be erased.

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