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The Legend In You

The Legend In You

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It is not the end yet

Believe me, I can bet

If you face a defeat

Get up and repeat

Expand your feathers

There lie mystic weathers

Flicker as you fly

Smile in your cry

Never forget to shine

Every cloud has a silver line

Learn to bear the thorns

That's how you fight the storms

The world is jet

Get up from the bed

Hurtle to fight

The sun and its might

The blossom is scanty

There are thorns aplenty

Force yourself against the crust

Leaving behind every lust

Recharge yourself must

Lest you get burst

For every twinge of pain

There is waiting for a gain

Put sorrow to rest

It is the time to jest

Wave your hand

Like a magic wand

Sweetness is not a pipe dream

Before sleep, eat an ice cream

Lit up with impish glee

Let the blues flee

Don't forget under the din

there exist kith and kin

With them, you run

Till comes the horizon

Plans will be backfired

You may feel tired

Don't let the hope die

You have to traverse the sky

Just like the flowers

And the idyllic showers

It's time to nourish

For your dream to flourish

Let the darkness wanes

Get freedom from chains

Be honest and be true

There lives a legend in you.

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