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Let The Kisses Fly

Let The Kisses Fly

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I don't want

To see you disappear.

Wait for me until

The coffin is decorated.

Or, beseech your God,

And ask Him

If life could

Be negotiated.

In life

Beyond the universe,

Where the melodies

Are sung,

I will keep

The love alive,

In my heart

And on the tongue.

I could behold

Your faint traces,

In a land where

The sun doesn't rise.

I've carved out

Your sculpture in a heart

That will beat

Even after the demise.

You won't know

That the incessant rain

Falling at the door

Is but my tears.

How would you know

That in a parallel world

Lives a perishing soul

Whose cries no one hears?

Never did I

Long for life.

One, I seek you.

And two, this sky.

So what if

I crumbled?

Although far away,

Let the kisses fly.

I regret

The lost opportunity.

You were so close,

But I was fumbling.

I envisaged

Meeting you somewhere

With an apology

To save a life from crumbling.

It was a beginning

Of an epoch of sorrow.

Never did you meet.

Neither I apologized.

Memories of you

Kept me aflutter.

Every time I harked back,

I felt agonized.

Not that

I sought your body.

I only craved

For your ingenuous soul.

Without you,

I loved you.

And, would always do,

Even in a black hole.

Air always existed.

Always existed the rain.

But, I was breathing

Through your portrayal.

Watching your portrait,

I filled with hysteria.

Between me and it,

There was no betrayal

No sin

Was ever committed.

Still, I carry

A pang of guilt in my eye.

I paid

With my blood.

Still, you won't

Let the kisses fly.

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