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Anuradha Singh

Classics Children


Anuradha Singh

Classics Children

Fragrant Childhood

Fragrant Childhood

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Some moments of our childhood are like fragrant flowers, whenever we remember them, for sure those moments bring smile to our lips. But sometimes we get nostalgic and feel frustrated, thinking from that cost, rosy childhood where have we reached. Life full of unpredictable events far away from home.

Then again a childhood memory peeps in, bringing a rosy blush to our cheeks. A friendship sought of a new neighbour or a new boy/girl in class and that's all it refreshes us to go on.....

Flowers on display, beautific and fragrant, caressing my senses

Violet, red and mauves spread across the valley 

Splashed welcome colours throughout the journey

Into expansive garden I reached haltingly

Faded, were the colours, weakened were the stems of life

Fragrance seemed lost as was my peeling heart

Where was my blooming childhood, cherubic and innocent

Time had flown away, robbing me of those sweet, picturesque scenes,

 But halt my dearies, my precious tears dare you not shed

Long gone are those carefree feet

curtains have fallen on those deeds

Remembering those days my heavy breath, my past hurts

Those wild days, some wrongs

But...... come on, although mischievous remain close, at the surface of my mind

A blush rise on my cheeks the warmth of wanting, still fresh in my mind blossomed friendship that was sought ....!!!!

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