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God On Earth

God On Earth

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Soldier: God on Earth

Yes he is the God on Earth

Willingly he chooses to defend his people, his earth.

Trains himself to do the odd job of staking one’s life for the mother by birth

Who is also of billions of others?

But he chooses to be the one

To do the job than wait for others rather,

Taking herculean responsibility like a father

Defending his motherland

From the enemy beyond

So is he not the selfless God with the arms?

Sacrificing, sustaining at subzero in the glaciers,

Keeping up in grilling heat of the Thar loo

Enduring in the jungles of Assam or Sunderban

He takes on his job with the oath to never give up, what may happen

He smiles and with a seasoned show of nonchalance

Reports at his work station with utmost reliance

God only knows what emotions fill his mind at that moment,

But his facade doesn’t allow us to probe his mind

His steadfast, calm nature on the face of death

Makes me believe he is God on Earth

Do you?

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