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Joe Bard

Drama Romance


Joe Bard

Drama Romance



1 min 64 1 min 64

Shadowy eyes and a thousand conversations

Bloom in early spring

Of a young summer

And it's a thousand stories.

The wind felt hot in the hot summer afternoon.

Just something so burning ended so quickly.

As the darkness comes near, his many shades unfold

Shy demeanor to the child

He is and he was

Of a sunset with various shades.

In the sunset, he becomes cool

Like the breeze which touched and left me cold.

And wanting for more.

His words were too predictable and yet sometimes in nothing, everything told.

Thousand small stories, summer bought

April blooms from an innocent spring to young summer womanhood.

Smiles and eyes, our stories shared

May came and rain washed away

The heat of summer in April.

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