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In a far far away land,

Happiness stood as a distant fairytale

Once or twice,

It comes to me

I am on high at those times

Uncertain when I will feel that way

Ever, if again

I lie in a coma

Thoughts running and running

To coerce me to not be in awakening again.

In the hospital bed

Lying lifeless again and again

Dressed in green

But yellow is my skin.

Pain becomes the melody

Dancing in mockery to my ears

The body feels the taste and poisoned

To go to sleep again and again

Ever again, it becomes a great blank

Spotless in question

Tinted in answer

Will happiness visit me again?

Oh, so I wish, it is again and again

Day by day

But I love this new addiction

Thoughts running to kill me all at once

But I lie half-awake

In this bliss

To feel, happiness is a distant dream

Or wonder is it my fairytale?

To make me kill demons each day

And be victorious to neglected gain.

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