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Joe Bard

Drama Romance Tragedy


Joe Bard

Drama Romance Tragedy

Winter Dream

Winter Dream

2 mins

"Monday" starts the tune

Of an eternal happy spring,

Waiting for evergreen summer

In our forever "Winter Dream".

You smell like muddy rain

From the distant woods

Alien to men.

Lips clash once not, but twice

Eyes met and engulfed in the musk

Two darkness evolved as one

Fate saw us before

We felt it at that kiss

Promised to meet again

For our short stint.

Our, Winter dream.

Days passed by

Hardly we knew

Between the voices and words

Longingness grew

Snuck out of nowhere

To reach you.

We saw each as one

Our short fight before the stint

Journey was changed

In the destination

You said how you wanted

Our name to be as one

Forever and same.

Moon came and played with its beauty

To make our night more lunatic

But sorrow from past broke into

And robbed us of the happiness

We wanted to view.

But laughter in our Winter Dream

Made us whole again

You wanted it to happen again

Fast forward, we move to

What we called "home"

Home was beautiful

Because it carries within it

Different stories of us.

Two sleepy people

Danced to serene madness

World was forgotten

In our merrymaking.

Our journey to highlands

Cold in the early spring

Walk in the longing lanes

With the moon beside us.

Distance grew wild

Madness in our minds

Dying within my demons

You had your own castle to visit.

Lost each other somewhat along the way

As Autumn slowly came by.

Halloween started

Dead was celebrated

Realized madness was long dead

The hurt was too unbearable to take

Coldness ceased the warmth

In Anger, we grew from both as one.

Thus, ended our "Winter Dream"

Left as a whore in your mind.

Thank you for the parting gift

With this, i bid you forever "goodbye".

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