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Geeta Gahlot

Drama Inspirational


Geeta Gahlot

Drama Inspirational

Two Roads

Two Roads

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There was a time when I looked for myself, 

Alone, broken and lost. 

No dreams or belief in myself, 

every relation around was meaningless. 

Walked on a road with fallen leaves, 

They flew here and there with the flow of wind, 

No way decided, no journey for a destination planned, 

What life was throwing at me was a mystery. 

I searched for the answers but there was no end, 

Stood at the point where there was no going back. 

Only two roads were in front of me, 

One was the end of this bloody life, 

The other to face whatever was next to arrive. 

I chose to face life, 

Decided to live with whatever waited on the next turn, 

Maybe I don't deserve the bed of roses, 

Maybe I am not destined to live like a princess, 

Maybe I have less friends and more foes, 

But I know there are millions in this world who want to get what I have, 

The things that are given to me are not so less. 

Valuing life is what I have learned, 

Because I am a strong believer. 

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