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Joe Bard



Joe Bard




1 min 166 1 min 166

I have arrived in Spring

She has blossomed and awake

Danced to the voice

Hearing the Cuckoo's call.

She danced to her womanhood

Along with the laughter of her children

Playing with her in the woods

Deep innocence making her tied

To shackles of drunk happiness beyond.

Lost, she is

Along with her children

They play in mockery

As they hide to let her find them

But she does not want to count

And fall in deep slumber with them.

She calls for Cuckoo

Where is my home?

I want to keep my children safe

And not wander for beasts to slay

Cuckoo laughs and says,

I am lost too.

See I do not have home

I am wandering around

And flying to lost

I awake you

But I am lost as are you

A curse that is meant to be broken

But repeated as for the story to go.

Long, lost and beyond. 

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