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Circus of "The One"

Circus of "The One"

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Someone's mind has "The One"

"The One" in many Ones

Parted by time

Ended by none in "the One"

"The One" was beautiful.

She has a beautiful mind and a perfect body.

Happily found the one in Someone's wants

The ones, though, were parted by time

Thought to be the one for Someone.

Circus of "The One" happened

Each one attached to the ghost of 'it'

Crowd was none except Someone.

To see how they, divided by time.

United by the idea of "The One".

Exorcised when "The One" was found to be in none.

One counted for a decade

Ready to be "The One" in Aisle

One was the mirror

Set out to reflect Someone

Someone's beauty was shamed

In the true reflection of this one.

Another one was me;

Founded was not "The One"

Someone's "Winter Dream"

Removed in the arrival of Autumn

Oh, how, true it is.

Now "the One"

Has a poem waiting for she.

And the circus of "The One"

Continues one by one.

Alas! All of someone's Ones

Parted by time,

Promised of "Maybe another life and another time".

We would click as one.

All, in veil, of a united promise

But known to none.

Wonder, how the heart has so much space

To fit the ones

But Someone's heart says, "I have none."

It is only my mind.

Darling, it is to be blamed

Because it has "the One".

Trapped in it to trap You

In this life

"You" my One.

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