All Smiles

All Smiles

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There's been a lot of talk

Amongst those who read these words,

They say I'm rather melancholy

And broken, and come to fix me.

What they don't know,

Is us walking down the uneven aisle

With trees bending down 

Blocking the sky from view

To have a look at you:

Pausing, when I clasp your hand,

And look deep into your

Half-smiling, half-nervous eyes,

The moist in my 'large doe-like' ones

Draw you close into my arms;

I hear your friends say "Aww" in a chorus

But you didn't, did you?

How happily lost we were

In that warmth, while I stood

And you were perched on his scooty,

There's no more shame in us,

No reluctance was left, 

To admit what we felt.

You let go of me and I look around

How wonderful that sunset is

Playing tag with the river

Vermilion and blue

Silver and gold,

Ecstasy and peace is all we feel,

So we don't realise when next

We are lost in a kiss.

You jump back and say

"It's my first ever time,"

My lips smile and word 

"Trust me, it's from someone 

Who loves you right."

We're back under the shade

Of the deep green trees,

And you are walking with me:

Two shy people.

Though we're back to square one,

Promise me once again,

That we wouldn't repeat this story

All over again,

Because I can see you smile

Reading this poem all this while,

Just so you know,

So am I.

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