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Shreeya Swagatika Rath


Remember The Time

Remember The Time

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Remember the time,

When I said "I couldn't get my eyes off you,

Your smile is the source of my strength,

Your rants and hugs are just the same,

They bring us closer, I know you better,"

And I went on to complain 

"We never try to twin our outfits, 

Or take pictures, or have fun the way they do,"

And you smiled and said,

"We'll cross out those stereotypes,

We forget to be in the frame as we're busy being in the moment,

With each other,

And I swear, when your hair flows against my cheek,

And when you draw imaginary lines on my palm,

And lean your head against mine,

I feel..." And you stop and smile.

Remember the time,

When you didn't complete the sentence

But I knew what you felt,

And it was okay to leave it unsaid,

But now that we suddenly, mysteriously ignore each other,

In the crowds and in isolation (oh! Aren't they just the same),

I wonder, couldn't we forget it all?

If it scares you, it scares me too.

So, let's just run away, and be as children,

Laugh and share and squabble,

Shake hands and dance without a care,

Cause I know I'm not as carefree as others

And maybe not as funny as your friends,

But I know you like me for who I am,

Yes, we sometimes don't think the same way,

But look, today, without a word with each other,

You wore black, so did I.

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