Shreeya Swagatika Rath



Shreeya Swagatika Rath


Good Shadows

Good Shadows

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Here's another day full of emptiness.

I am left wondering, talking to myself,

Feeling blue and then bright,

It's a cycle.

Together, she and I delve deep into me

To fall through a sheet of fire and ice,

Shattering it into pieces to reveal

Shadows of liabilities that have been hiding.

Sensitivity to every little and big moment

Churning it over and over in my mind,

Loving, caring, getting hurt, just too much

Turning people and their bond into habits.

Hearing everybody remark, "That's so unimportant!"

Bearing their questions, "Why do you worry so much?"

"You're thinking absurd things!"

"You should stop caring so much!"

You'd rather ask me to stop being human,

But I tell you I'm a tad bit proud of these,

One day you'll admit I'm the best of the kind,

I already do, thanks to my flaws.

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