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Did you ever rise up to a situation that held your breath?

A morning beauty or a nightmare?

The best you did or the worst you were made to do?

Every single day, there is at least one such situation that holds your breath

And that makes you go cold!

In amaze or craze, in fear or tear

But that shakes you up, right?

Why does that ever happen?

For you are not used to the unusual rare realities

Sometimes the beauty, sometimes the hideous

That breath actually makes you question,

The Barbie you want to be,

The Harley Quinn residing within

The Prince Charming you desire

The Black Ghost you fear

Why fear, why excite, why react only to the unusual

When everything you do is breathtaking

Why the exquisite or the austere holds your breath

When you yourself are the paradox of the

BEST in you, WORST you could be...

Why not experience the tinniest moment

And the most prolonged event

Crying over, leaning over

Let's get into the river of the life

And go with the flow of every little second and make it worth living

Do the good, try being better and end up being the BEST

Do the bad, experience the worse and learn from the WORST

Why let any breath hold, when every moment you can mould

Why not take a picture with a face full of frown

Why only smiles?

Let it all be a mess, making everything breathtaking

Where you don't have to do "breath holding"

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