Escape Plan

Escape Plan

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All that's left now is a vivid array

Of days of the recent past,

All I'll have to do with it now

Is hold them close to my heart

Hiding away from a crowd that doesn't understand,

Getting up with a stone-cold heart

To keep away the emotions that gush into it

When you pass by.

Greeting all the others with a fake smile,

You too, because I'll pretend you're one of the 'others',

But who am I kidding, you can see

Right through me

And I find myself with you all alone again,

When I can't look into your eyes

And I rush through a sea of strangers

To someplace safe, before you get hold of me.

And hide my face in your chest

And.. and mess it up all over again.

That's my escape plan, anyway.

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