Take My Advice

Take My Advice

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"Take my advice, stay away from him,

Take your time, and you'll sleep in peace,

These are just delusions and daydreams,

You'll see all of it come crashing down in one, two, three,"

And I just nodded, fear writhing inside

And told myself:

Take my advice, keep away from him,

It's okay that you still can't sleep,

You'll learn, old habits die hard,

True, you slept at 3 am smiling at his 'Goodnight',

Now you sleep at daybreak because you're tired

Of thinking, of wishing, of dying a little inside,

Of going back to the time you were at the beach with him,

Or when his perfume was etched in your senses

While he locked you in his arms for eternity,

It felt so, didn't it?

See how short eternity is,

So be scared of what could've happened

If you had become inseparable,

Now die a little every night all alone,

Scrolling through old chats to remind you how to smile,

So be afraid to look him in the eye,

So stay away from innocent happiness,

Take my advice.

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