La Vie En Rose

La Vie En Rose

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When they say I'm pretty

I think I'm fairy lights 

Hung around a cottage 

On a new moon night;

When they say I'm quiet

I think I'm the silent dawn

The kind of calm we all

Keep searching for on and on;

When they say I'm touchy

I think I'm the spark

That lights up bonfires

For you to dance around;

When they say I'm sweet

I think of the first sip

Of water that quenches thirst

When you're too worked up;

When they say I overthink

I think of my mom

Her love and concern

That's made me who i am;

When they say I am

Way too possessive

I think of my dad

Who is proud of me;

When they say I'm too much

For them to bear any more

I think of the love

I've had ready to share,

No matter what!

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